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We provide unique operational differences from other homes.


  • The Resident will never have to wake up or go to sleep at a certain time.


  • We do not have set breakfast, lunch, or dinner times.

  • We work with the individual resident and structure meals on their time.

  • If they want to eat at 6am or 10am, then we will adapt to their wants and needs.


  • We work with the individual Resident and prepare meals based on their preference.

  • We will adapt to their wants and needs.



  • You never have to call the house first … just show up when you want to 24/7.


  • Activities will be developed based on the Resident’s mental and physical capabilities.


We provide a high-standard and high-level of care to our Residents.

We are licensed and endorsed to the highest level of care a Residential Group Home can have in the State of Nevada. We can care for and retain our Residents who have very diverse health conditions. This is very important as you do not have to worry about having to move your loved one to another home if their health deteriorates. We can care for almost any health condition up to the point when the Resident will need 24-hour skilled nursing care. With a couple of exceptions, we can care for Residents who suffer from a multitude of conditions and here are just a few:

Cognitive Conditions/Illnesses such as Dementia/Alzheimer’s
Chronic Illnesses such as Parkinson’s, Arthritis, Asthma, Heart Disease, COPD, Stroke, Obesity, Osteoporosis
Terminal Illnesses such as Cancer, ALS, Lung Disease, Liver Disease
Physical Disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Spinal Cord Injuries


We make this process an easy transition for you and your loved ones. 

Choosing a home to move your loved one into is a very stressful and trying process. We understand this is an emotional undertaking and we sympathize with this very difficult choice. Therefore, if we are fortunate enough to be your choice, then our goal is to make this transition as easy as possible, we will assist you through the entire process of paperwork, medical testing, room and equipment set-up, and finally transporting your loved one to their new home.


Our ambitions are the same as yours, we want you and your loved ones to feel:

(1) Well-Cared For,

(2) Safe, and

(3) Comfortable


a)  We Provide a High-Level of Care

SLCH are licensed and endorsed to handle a multitude of illness and disabilities. We can and do provide the best caregiving services possible.  Whatever the level of care you need, SLCH can probably provide it.

(Note:  SLCH are not medical facilities, and therefore we cannot legally provide medical services.)

(i)   SLCH are Nevada State Licensed Residential Facilities for Groups:

  • Endorsed for Dementia/Alzheimer's (Memory Care)

  • Endorsed for Chronic Illnesses and Debilitating Diseases

  • Licensed for Category II – Beds (Alzheimer’s)

  • Currently, we are not Medicaid approved homes.

(ii)   SLCH CAN admit these types of Residents (with a few exceptions):

  • Category I (Ambulatory) or Category II (Non-Ambulatory) type Residents

  • Dementia/Alzheimer’s (Memory Care)

  • Bedbound (with exceptions)

  • Diabetes (with exceptions)

  • Arthritis

  • Lung Disease

  • COPD

  • Visual & Hearing Disabilities

  • Stroke

  • Parkinson's

  • Cancer

  • Cystic Fibrosis

  • Kidney Disease

  • Motor disabilities

  • Cognitive disabilities

(iii)  SLCH CANNOT admit these types of Residents:

  • Mentally Ill  -  (i.e., schizophrenia, psychosis, bipolar disorder, sever depression)

  • Intellectually Disabled  -  (i.e., down syndrome, PWS, FASD, birth defects, anoxia)

b)  We Provide a High-Standard of Caregiving Services

We have developed a staff that is highly trained and committed to providing the best care possible for each resident that stays with us. Our caregivers are certified and trained in the following:

  • First/Aid and CPR

  • Complete Medication Management

  • Dementia and Alzheimer's

  • Chronic Illness and Debilitating Diseases

  • Caring for Elderly or Disabled Persons

  • Recognizing Elderly Abuse and Neglect

We maintain a low staffing ratio having a minimum of 2 caregivers during the day and 1 caregiver during the night. Our staff members have worked with residents for a long time, and they know how to provide the right kind of effective care, for each resident, on an individual level. We work to develop relationships with our residents, so that the care provided is more sympathetic and kinder.


a)  The Homes are in Safe Neighborhoods

All SLCH are in quiet, safe neighborhoods within the Las Vegas area.

b)  24/7 Supervision, Observation, and Care

Our staff is on-hand 24/7 providing supervision and care for the residents. With the attention and passion that we provide for each of our residents, families can enjoy the peace-of-mind knowing that their loved one’s well-being is always our top priority.

c)  Home's Safety Features

The homes have been modified and equipped with several safety features. They are protected with fire sprinkler systems and their connected to fire monitoring systems that are linked directly to the fire department. All exit doors and windows have alarms installed to notify staff if they have been opened unexpectedly. About 3 feet from the front door, there is a retractable belt that is stretched across the opening of the door to prevent residents from leaving the home. This area is also alarmed to alert the staff that someone has approached the front door.

d)  Third-Party Overseers and Examiners

You can feel safe as there are other individuals and agencies, as well as yourself, watching over your loved one’s security.

          (i) Unrestricted Visitation for Family Members

SLCH has adopted a visitation policy for the immediate family members to visit the Resident at any time, 24/7 without any advanced notification to the staff. Family can show up at any time and check on their loved one’s well-being.

(ii) State Licensed Administrator

Every Residential Facility for Groups must have a state licensed Administrator assigned to it. The Administrator is a person who is an independent contractor paid by the Group Home but works on behalf of the State. Their role is to provide oversight and direction for the owner and caregivers of the Group Home as necessary to ensure that the Residents receive the proper personal care services and protective supervision. The Administrator oversees the operations of the business as well as to ensure the residents are well taken care of according to and in compliance with NAC449/NRS449. The Administrator’s primary responsibility is to the resident’s safety and well-being not to the Group Home.

(iii) Ombudsmen Program

Ombudsmen are state certified individuals who resolve the problems of residents of residential care facilities for the elderly. They come to the home, without announcement, and speak to every resident in the home to check on their welfare. They provide an avenue for conflict resolution that may be otherwise unavailable to elderly residents who are victims of neglect and abuse. They act as a watchdog and intermediary between facilities and residents, helping to resolve problems related to the health, safety, welfare, and rights of residents.

(iv) Annual Surprise Survey 

Once every year, the Bureau of Health Care Quality and Compliance makes a surprise inspection and surveys the home. This inspection is conducted by employees of the Bureau to verify the home’s compliance with the regulations of the Division. The inspection evaluates the home’s compliance and determines any deficiencies or noncompliance with any federal or state statute or of the rules or regulations of the Division. The Bureau prepares a report, Statement of Deficiencies (SOD), outlining the deficiencies and the home responds with a Plan of Correction (POC).


a)  Comforts of Home

If SLCH are where you choose to call home, we want it to feel like exactly that: Your Home. SLCH are tastefully decorated with a modern, homey feel in mind. After many years of hard work, we want our residents to be able to unwind and focus on whatever they want to focus on whether it is relaxing by the pool, enjoying arts & crafts or activities in our family room, or simply reading or watching TV. We want you to feel that the home is yours.

b)  Personal Decoration Encouraged

We do not want to give you the impression of a hospital room, hotel room, or of a room picked out of a catalogue, but rather, we encourage Residents to bring their own personal belongings into their room bec ause your space should be yours, personal, and comfortable.

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