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The Resident and home shall enter into a Month-to-Month Rental Agreement, which can be terminated by either party with a 30-day notice. When it comes to pricing, it is based on three (3) elements. The type of room you choose, plus any special meal plan required, plus the level of care (LOC) the resident needs, so the formula would look like this:

Room Type  +  Special Meal Plan  +  LOC  =  Monthly Rental Rate

We offer the option of a private room or a small or large shared room (having one (1) roommate). An assessment will be preformed on the resident to evaluate their meal plan and their level of care needs. Based on these assessments and their choice of room type, a monthly rental rate can be determined.

Monthly rents start for a ...


. . . small Shared Room at $3,000+/month.

. . . large Shared Room at $3,600+/month.

. . . Private Room at $4,800+/month.

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