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The following reviews have been collected and verified by an independent company and are posted online for you to validate. None of these testimonials have been paid for or solicited for.

- by Marvin P

"My mom is staying in Serenity Living For Seniors. She's staying in the house there. I've been very pleased with the three young ladies and a gentleman that take care of my mom. I have nothing but good news. I really appreciated them. Where she was at before, I don't like it, and my mom used to call me all the time. However, since she'd been in there, I haven't had any phone calls. I would give them a lot of good credits. They give an excellent service. Activity-wise, I don't see many. She has her own room, her own television and her own bedroom. I understand there's not that much activity because of the pandemic. The things they said they used to have, they just don't have it no more, but that's fine. As long as I'm able to come and see my mom and interact with her, that's all that matters to me. I appreciate what they do. If she wants to go outside, she can. She is able to walk around with her walker, and she can walk around the house if she feels up to it. The person who owns the place did some renovations, and what I'm seeing, it's looking really good. They have a nice seating area, so that's good. For the most part, my mom has nothing to say about the food. I reiterate to them as far as what she can and she cannot eat. The food must not be bad at all because she never really complained about it too much. I really appreciate what they do. They make my days and nights a lot easier. If I can refer somebody, I will refer them there. The food has been good. What I'm paying for, at first I thought it was kind of steep, but for what the services and what I'm seeing, I'm not complaining. I feel good about it."

- by Judy L

"My mom was in Serenity Living For Seniors. She passed away last week. I only wish that I had had my mom in there sooner than she was. They gave incredible care in her last journey in this world. They made my mom happy, and my mom had been very unhappy where she was previously. They genuinely cared for my mom. I was just so impressed with the amount of love, support and care that they gave to my mom that it has made me make this review. They're an incredible organization. I highly recommend them, and I couldn't be more grateful to these people than what I am. Johnna was absolutely incredible. As far as the food, they made everything homemade. Nothing was institutionalized. The food was made by the staff. As far as my mom's activities, they did as much as she could do within her physical restrictions. It was a home environment. It was once a Jack and Jill room, and it was set up very comfortably for my mom. I highly recommend Serenity Living For Seniors for someone who needs care. It's a loving environment."


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